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770 Locksmith & Door provide a fast and reliable key replacement service in Toronto Area (GTA) – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We offer 24-hour, emergency key replacement for Toronto Area (GTA) vehicles, homes, and businesses.

As people’s lives become busier and busier, lost keys for Toronto Area (GTA) houses, offices, and cars are all too common. Alternatively, your keys may have unfortunately been stolen or be tired, worn, and broken. Either way, the experts at 770 Locksmith & Door can help with all your house & car key replacement needs. Replace Broken House & Car Keys Our key replacement services in Toronto Area (GTA) include:

• Replacement of any type of keys that are damaged, broken, lost, or stolen (including car keys)

• New sets of keys with new combinations for locks when moving into your new home, apartment, or business With extensive experience and plenty of equipment at our disposal, our team of qualified locksmiths offer a dependable key replacement service, fleet of mobile vehicles for emergency services.

Our advanced key cutting machines can perfectly duplicate your keys, offering you security, flexibility, and peace of mind. Car Key Replacement & Repair

770 Locksmith & Door provide a quick and dependable service for car key replacement in Toronto Area (GTA), whether it be for a key fob or remote key. We also offer affordable car key repair.

Losing your car keys can be stressful. That’s why we provide quick, reliable lost car key replacement to keep your vehicle secure and give you peace of mind. No matter if you need remote car key replacement or fob key replacement, 770 Locksmith & Door will ensure an efficient solution.

We can also provide car key repair, including a shell key for your broken car keys for many makes and models. This is a much cheaper option than replacing the whole key as we can reuse the internal part of your key, which has all the programming already in it. We put that into a new shell and recut the metal blade to give you a new key.
Spare Keys

Have you locked keys in your car in Toronto Area (GTA)? The team at 770 Locksmith & Door can help!

We have a key cloning service that will clone most transponder keys within minutes. There is no booking in and leaving your car; it can be done while you wait. This applies to non-remote keys for most makes and models.
Vehicles with a smart key system fitted are required to have a mechanical backup, usually in the form of a spare key blade supplied with the vehicle.

Some manufacturers hide the backup lock behind a cover for styling.

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Our 24/7 emergency mobile service means we can come and help you anytime, no matter where you are in Toronto Area (GTA). If you need to replace your stolen or broken car or house key, simply call us on. (+1) 4372-676-781″

common questions

In most cases the office lock will not be damaged. We try our best to use non invasive methods such as picking the lock or using a bump key before taking other measures such as drilling out the lock. If there is any damage done to the lock, our technicians will replace it.

No, absolutely not. Our locksmiths take every precaution to ensure that the valuables locked inside of the safe remain intact and unharmed during the process of opening the safe. Please be sure to let the technician know if there are fragile items inside of the safe and an approximation of where they are located before he starts working to open the safe.

During the process of opening a commercial safe, the safe will almost certainly be destroyed in the process. You must remember, safes are built to not be broken into! You will most likely have to replace the safe after its been opened. Rest assured though, we offer a wide range of selections of new office safes.