Locksmiths in Toronto Area (GTA)

Services Provided

We cater to organizations of all sizes in Toronto and the GTA, providing a first class emergency locksmith services across the city.
We provides a range of standard locksmith services to businesses, local authorities, charities, medical facilities and educational institutions in the area.
Whether you would like our after-hours team to help you to entry  your business or to install new deadbolts and window locks in your offices, you will find our prices highly flexible and cheaper than the competition companies and our customer service second to none.
If you have been accidentally locked out of your office, there is no reason to panic, break a window, or cancel a day’s work while waiting for help to arrive.
Being locked out of your office is actually a much smaller problem than you probably could imagine it being, and we can have you back inside and working in most cases in less than an hour, with no damage to your building or your locks. No matter what your need for a locksmith might be, whether it’s an emergency service, getting into a commercial safe, or even something as basic as rekeying all of your doors to one common key, we provide fast, professional, and on time service to fit your needs.

common questions

In most cases the office lock will not be damaged. We try our best to use non invasive methods such as picking the lock or using a bump key before taking other measures such as drilling out the lock. If there is any damage done to the lock, our technicians will replace it.

No, absolutely not. Our locksmiths take every precaution to ensure that the valuables locked inside of the safe remain intact and unharmed during the process of opening the safe. Please be sure to let the technician know if there are fragile items inside of the safe and an approximation of where they are located before he starts working to open the safe.

During the process of opening a commercial safe, the safe will almost certainly be destroyed in the process. You must remember, safes are built to not be broken into! You will most likely have to replace the safe after its been opened. Rest assured though, we offer a wide range of selections of new office safes.