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Our auto locksmith service is one of the most important speciality services we provide. We have locksmiths on call ready to help you in an emergency, with our 24/7 service.
We are taking our service calls very seriously and we will never leave you unanswered.
Our friendly and professional auto locksmiths are only one call away. All of our automotive locksmiths are qualified and held to the most professional industry standards.
Each of our locksmiths will be able to unlock your car, day or night no matter the make and model of your vehicle. of course after a check to make sure you are the legal owner of the vehicle first.
✔ Cut Vehicle Keys to Code
If you have lost all your keys,
we can obtain a code from the VIN or ignition cylinder and cut new ones for you.
✔ Unlock a Vehicle When the Keys Are Locked Inside
Whatever make or model you happen to own,
we can unlock it for you in the event that you accidentally lock your keys inside.
✔ Supply and Program Motorbike Keys and Scooter Keys
We cater to motorbike and scooter riders too:
whatever you need, just give us a call.
✔ Insurance Work
Car owners whose insurance policies cover the replacement of keys or rekeying can take advantage of our vehicle locksmith services in Toronto.
One of the most known inconvenient and time-consuming accidents that you can run into is locking your car keys inside your car or losing your car keys, especially if you are not at home. Losing your keys or locking them inside your vehicle isn’t just a huge inconvenience, it can also be dangerous depending on where you have parked or what time it is. If you are having issues getting into your car, contact Locksmith Line Service immediately for the fastest service, day or night. We take our automotive locksmith services very seriously, offering true 24/7 emergency mobile locksmith services.
✔ 24/7 Emergency mobile locksmith service
✔ Car key replacement 
✔ Car remotes, proximity keys & transponder keys
✔ Car re-key services
✔ Car lockouts

common questions

Finding yourself unable to get into your car and also unable to get to a car locksmith is one of those immensely frustrating, bordering on nightmarish situations that at first seems completely impossible to resolve. However, it’s no time to lose your cool and kick your car or start walking home, as help is at hand!

Why Can’t You Get into Your Car?

In addition to losing or misplacing your keys, which is a very common reason for not being able to gain access, there are a few reasons why you may not be able to get into your car, such as:

  • A flat car battery shuts down the alarm system and won’t allow you to open the door
  • Locking your keys inside your car – Yes, this still happens!
  • You’ve lost, misplaced or broken the transponder key

Whatever the reason why you can’t get into your car, our auto locksmiths are on call 24-7 across Perth and surrounds and here to help you gain access to your vehicle without causing any damage. Our 24-hour locksmith service has helped many car owners get into their car quickly and easily, so give us a call if you can’t get into your car at any time of the day or night.

How We Can Help You

Unlike many other locksmiths, at Action Lock Service, we have mobile locksmiths who can come to you and help you get into your car – wherever you are. Here’s how we can help you if you can’t get into your car and you can’t get to a local locksmith due to the time, distance or the urgency of the situation.

Unlock the Car – If your keys are locked inside your car, one of our 24-hour locksmiths will use specialist techniques to gain access without causing any damage to your vehicle.

Repair Transponder Keys and Remotes – We can repair car transponder keys and remotes in most situations. If it’s a damaged transponder or remote that’s preventing you from getting into your car, we may be able to fix it on the spot.

Car Key Replacements – If you’ve lost your keys and can’t access another set, we can get the code from the ignition cylinder or VIN and then cut a new set of keys for you. Naturally, we must check to ensure that you’re the legal owner of the vehicle.

If you’re covered by a comprehensive vehicle insurance policy, there’s a very good chance that our 24-7 locksmith services are covered. This is something you may like to think about the next time it’s time to renew your insurance policy, as you never know when you might find yourself locked out!

With Action Lock Service, whatever the reason why you can’t get into your car, we’ll arrive promptly at your location and manage the situation for you, enabling you to gain access at any time of the day or night. To contact us, click here for our contact form, or alternatively, call us on +16475334770

. We look forward to helping you gain access to your car or resolving any automotive lock issues you may be experiencing.

Don’t panic…

If you are about to get into your car and you suddenly discover that your keys have been stolen, your first reaction may be to panic but as long as you have the number of a professional automotive locksmith, there is no need to worry. At Action Lock Service we have helped numerous motorists in Perth and the surrounding area who found themselves in this situation in the past and we decided to put together this short guide to ensure that anybody else who had their keys stolen in the future would know what to do. Follow the steps below and you can resolve the problem quickly and easily.


Stolen Car Keys: A Step-by-Step Guide


While your main priority may be to gain entry to your car and get to wherever it is you were planning to go, you can most easily and efficiently tackle the situation by following these steps in order.


Call the Police – If you are sure that your keys have been stolen rather than lost, or you have good reason to believe this is the case, the very first thing you need to do is to call the local police and provide them with as many details about the theft as possible. If you had other keys, on the keyring, such as your house keys, you should let the police know this as well.


Call Your Insurance Company – Once you have let the police know what has happened, you will need to contact your insurer to find out whether your policy covers the cost of replacement locks/keys in the event of theft. While you should not have too much difficulty locating an experienced auto locksmith who charges reasonable rates, there is no point in paying for it yourself if your insurance company is willing to foot the bill. If you have also lost your house keys, you should call your home insurance company too.


Call a 24 Hour Locksmith – The very next thing you need to do is to find a reputable 24 7 locksmith in the area who is able to attend the scene immediately. When you call, you should ask for details of the services that the company in question provides, to make sure they are capable of dealing with the type of locking system that is fitted in your car. If your car came with programmable keys, you will probably only need a car key replacement service but if you have an older vehicle with conventional keys, you will need to find a firm that can replace all the locks as well, including the ignition.


That is basically all you need to do, apart from calling friends, family, or anybody else who may wonder where you are. You should also remain close to your vehicle, paying particular attention to anybody nearby who looks suspicious in any way.


If you have your car keys stolen in or near Perth and you are in need of a highly-skilled mobile locksmith, please do not hesitate to call Action Lock Service without delay.

    • Your location


    • Personal identification


    • Vehicle make and model


    • Vehicle registration number


  • VIN (found on vehicle registration papers)

There are several reasons why you may find yourself locked out of your vehicle and unable to gain access to the interior. While this is a frustrating, often embarrassing, situation, it’s important to keep your cool and take the best course of action available to you – call a car locksmith in your local area. Here are several of the most common reasons why motorists find themselves locked out of their vehicles and the actions that our emergency locksmiths in Perth are able to take.


Keys Locked Inside the Car


Now that most motorists use the transponder on their keys to lock and unlock the car, locking one’s keys inside the car occurs far less frequently than it used to. However, people often still find themselves locked out because they’ve locked the keys in the boot.

Fortunately, this is usually a very straightforward task and an auto locksmith will be able to unlock the boot of your car (without causing any damage) so that you can retrieve your keys.


Keys Broken or Damaged


It’s rare for this to occur with the keys to a relatively new car. However, motorists with older cars may find that the teeth on their keys have become worn and that it sometimes takes a bit of jiggling to engage the pins to the depth required to turn the cylinder. If you don’t have a new set of keys cut soon, it may reach the point where you can’t start your car or open the door.

Whether it’s the keys or the transponder that’s broken or damaged, we can quickly cut you a new set of keys or repair/replace the transponder and help you gain access to your car once again. And if you’ve found yourself locked out of the house, that’s no problem either.


Keys Lost


If you’ve lost your car keys and have a spare set at home, your best option here is to go home and retrieve the spare set so that the locksmith can quickly cut you a new set. However, as you may have also lost your house keys or find yourself without keys somewhere far from home, you can still call our locksmiths to have a new set cut after you’ve provided the following information:

  • Your location
  • Personal identification
  • Vehicle make and model
  • Vehicle registration number
  • VIN (found on vehicle registration papers)

It’s important to have all the information above prepared in readiness for the locksmith to cut your new keys, as we need to verify your identity and VIN (Vehicle Identification Number), etc. before the new keys can be cut.


Action Lock Service provides 24-7 callouts, so wherever you find yourself locked out of your car and for whatever reason, please don’t hesitate to take advantage of this service we offer to motorists across Perth and the surrounding areas. To contact a qualified locksmith at any time of the day or night, call +16475334770

, or for general enquiries, send an email to or click here for our contact form.

Transponder keys are solidly constructed and built to last, but it’s still possible to damage them which can prevent a motorist from gaining access to their vehicle. The transponder key disarms the vehicle immobiliser so that the car key can start the engine, however, if the transponder key is damaged, lost, stolen or has a flat battery, it’s unable to perform this essential function, preventing the motorist from opening the door to their car. All cars manufactured after 1995 feature a transponder key, with each key programmed to only start a specific vehicle. That’s why your transponder key will only work on your car and not anyone else’s.

At locksmith Line Service in Toronto area (GTA) , our experienced mobile locksmiths can often repair damaged responder keys at your location while you wait. However, we stock transponder keys for all vehicle makes and models, enabling our locksmiths to provide you with a replacement key once you’ve given us the vehicle’s VIN number and provided proof of identity and vehicle ownership. If you’re in the Perth Metropolitan Area and you’ve lost or damaged your transponder key, don’t worry, we’re here to help.

How Do Transponder Keys Work?

Part of a vehicle’s anti-theft system, transponder keys contain a small microchip inside the head of the key which sends and receives signals to/from an antenna located in the ignition cylinder. A protective code (often an algorithm that’s known as a rolling encrypted code) is processed to produce a response that’s unique to the vehicle, enabling just the one transponder key to gain access. If the antenna doesn’t receive the correct response from the transponder key to pass on to the car’s computer, it won’t allow the vehicle to operate.

With the required information, our mobile locksmiths can supply you with a new transponder key by reprogramming the replacement with the unique protective code that enables the correct signals to be sent from the transponder to the antenna in the ignition cylinder of your car. Whether you’ve lost your transponder key or it’s damaged beyond repair, we’ll get you back on the road in no time at all.

What can I do if I lose my transponder key at night?

The first thing to do if you’ve lost your vehicle’s transponder key or it isn’t working is to call Action Lock Service and request a locksmith to come to your location immediately. Whatever the make or model of your car, including all European cars, we have transponder keys in stock to match your vehicle. Our 24-hour emergency call out service is available 7 days a week, ensuring you’re not left stranded and can access the professional assistance you require to get your car up and running once again.

For emergencies at any time of the day or night, call Action Lock Service on 08 9551 7698 and we’ll dispatch a professional locksmith to your location immediately. For general enquiries regarding transponder keys, replacements, repairs and other automotive locksmithing services, please contact the team during business hours.